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HMS Agamemnon is the Richmond, Virginia, chapter of The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc (TRMN). We serve the entire Central Virginia area. Based on a common interest in the Honorverse – the universe created in the novels of David Weber – TRMN has over 4,000 members and well over 100 chapters world-wide. Our members have interests in various science fiction and fantasy franchises, and enjoy attending conventions, movie nights, barbecues, costume workshops, field trips, and generally having a good time. Fans of all ages are welcome aboard HMS Agamemnon.

We have weekly gatherings for good conversation with good friends over good food. We have occasional potlucks, cook outs and gaming days. We share rides and attend conventions together. We send kids to NASA Space Camp and support charities like Big Cat Rescue. We also do things like helping a crewmember move. It’s entirely free. It’s entirely voluntary. Why not join us?